Saturday, October 10, 2015

My fall in pictures

First of all, I am very sorry and sure regret not posting these past 3 months. I was overwhelmed with schoolwork as I have chosen very difficult this year, but I'm determined to become active again. My fall has been full of football games, cats, coffee and homecoming. Couldn't forget to take a few good pictures as always. Fall is really a beautiful time and I am really excited to share all that has been going on in my life (a lot) with this blog. 

Luna, my first cat got into the habit of sleeping in boxes...i have no idea why.
I also spent a cloudy day in the city...It was only in September but really chilly.

Ok, a moment for honesty. This is hot chocolate, I don't like coffee. But it was in a small cafe with cozy decorations, really perfect for fall. And it was also quite delicious.

Enjoyed a day in West Midtown:)

Some of my relatives came to visit my family and showed us some old pics of them in the 70's. They really inspired me to take better photographs and capture life as it is now.

Another coffee pic? Yeah, guilty...But this still isn't mine.

And this is by far the most exciting news...We rescued another kitty. We named her Lucy, she is black and has yellow-green eyes. Her skin is very fluffy and cozy and she is about 3 months old.

I have many exciting things to share with all of y'all, I can't wait! 
Love, Sophia

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