Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yesterday I went to a fall festival with my friend and got to ride a hot air balloon and it was all very fun and exciting. It made me really excited for Halloween next week and I will do another blogpost for that and share what I dressed as and what I am doing.

They had this at a designated area for "Oktober fest" with german music and food

We found a Photo Booth and had to take the funniest pictures and then we also got these cute pins for memory

Look its me and my thank you

They had so many hot air balloons, some were just for show and they lit up. These were tethered hot air balloon rides and I went on the red, yellow, green stripped on in the back. We had to wait 2 hours and the ride lasted about 3 minutes, it was very hot and the basket was tiny.

My first time eating funnel cake, yumm!

I would definitely recommend going to a fall/Halloween festival, they're so much fun. I can't believe October is almost over, Sophia.

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