Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mini Spring/Summer Haul

Over these past few weeks, I have been shopping quite a lot. Here is a Mini Collective Haul to show you the things I could find. Because I grow a lot and fast, I tend to grow out of the most basics such as shirts and shorts, so this are more of the basic summer/spring items. As you may know, my new years resolution was to improve my blog/blogposts. I tried to have better pictures/edits and I have updated my blog-header. It's hard with school and the many other things that I have going on in my life, to post as often as I wish too. But I have decided less blogposts with good quality is a good option. So I wanted to ask what other improvements would you want from my blog?

So I fell in love with this crochet tank top. I love the crochet detail and the cutout of the shirt. It's perfect for "dressing" up a pair of shorts for a hot summer day.

So this is what it looks from the front, the neckline looks like two spikes are a hard edge heart neckline. I also love the color of this tshirt, as I do tend to wear a lot of blue. The color/texture has this vintage vibe that upgrades this shirt to an entire new level. As you  may or may not know, I am the person for finding good quality cheap clothing. I found this tank top to be a bit overpriced for target, but somehow worth it because I loved this design so much.

Now comes the best part....the back! If there is one thing that I seriously love about clothing is low/open/see-through back cutouts. This has a low back and it continues the crochet from the front until the middle of my back. 

I've been wanting a muscle tee tank for forever. And I finally found this one. I love the print, fitting and color. 

Target, 12$
I thought the price of this tank top was really affordable too. I have been obsessed with the hole "wanderlust" theme anyways. I love traveling and adventure, so this t'shirt is perfect for me <3

Gold, has many straps and super comfortable. Could it get any better?

Target, 20$
Yep, because they're only 20$.

Shorts: Target, 20$, T'shirt UO: 12$

These are some basic light washed, rolled up, medium length shorts. Perfect for any summer day. The fit is good and so is their price. I LOVE YOU TARGET!

Yep, more target. Last year I fell in love with these bikini's. This color looks good on my skin and the ruffle in the front flatters my figure. I also really love that this bikini top doesn't have to much support and is really comfortable.

Target, 20$

Nop, I didn't forget to mention these adorable cutouts, this detail is what makes this bikini special.

Victoria Secret, 12$

I really have been into mixing and matching top and bottom parts of bikinis and this color worked with all of the colors of my top parts. The small ruffle detail is absolutely adorable. Don't worry it covers much more than it looks like it does.

Target, 10$

So I needed a pair of basic sleep shorts. These ones are grey so they will work with any top I have. They are absolutely comfortable!

Target, 20$

Last year I bought a brown pair of these just they had metallic studs on them. This pair has green/yellow/orange/red/green/blue/pink embroideries. They are comfortable and basically work with anything I own.

Target, 20$

Last but certainly not least, these cute high-waisted cut off shorts. They are sadly not comfortable, but what else to expect from high-waisted shorts? They work perfectly with this shirt and give off this rough, used, boho vibe. LOVE

What are some of your spring/summer essentials?
kisses, Sophia

Monday, May 11, 2015

Photoshop Tutorial: Enhancing your facial features

Hey everyone! So this is my second Photoshop tutorial...I show you how to whiten your teeth, make your skin look clearer and edit your hair. My goal is to just enhance my face naturally, not make me look fake or perfect. I am sorry for my many "ems" in this video and you may get confused a few times, but you will understand everything perfectly. This video is very long, because I give you quite many tips and tricks. The best way to learn is to experiment and get creative with the ways to enhance your facial features. If you have any tips for me, please comment them!

See you soon with a big announcement, Sophia.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

DIY: Unique Photo String Wall

Happy Mother's day everyone! If you read my last blogpost, there was an upcoming DIY coming...Well it's here! Oh and keep waiting for some exciting news! I really like this Photo String Wall, because you have so many options to make it unique and different. It's simple, but personal. I spent about 20$ on this DIY and it took me about 1h (without paint drying time). So hopefully you want to try this DIY or just be inspired by it.

 So this is what my Photo Wall now looks like, obviously yours could be more/less colorful or could have a color scheme. You could have your own photography (like me) or take inspiration pictures of tumblr, weheartit, pintrest...So who knows how yours will look like.

This is what you will need:
1. Mini Clothespins
2. Paint/Spray paint (color of your choice)
3. Twine/String
4. Pictures, Tickets or Drawings

First step is to paint or spray paint all of the clothespins you need. You could paint the front and then let them dry and paint the back or paint the entire thing at once.

Let them dry completely.

If you want to you can spill different paint colors unto one clothespin or create a pattern. If you want to you might even be able to just use washi tape instead of paint.

Here I tried to create this tie-dye effect with two colors....just experiment!

Here are all the colors I choose to paint my clothespins.

Here are things you will need for the next few steps.

Depending on how many strings you want, cut your string. I would recommend to map it on the wall and decide how long and how many strings you want. I just cut my 3m string in half.

Then get a hammer and some nails, or some push pins and hang up your strings like you planned.

If you need to, cut your pictures. If you want to do this you could also cut them into letters or shapes, to create words or just cool effects.

The last step is to hang you pictures up with the clothespins and finished is this DIY.

I tried to arrange my pictures so that in one picture I would have green or blue colors in it and the next may have yellow. This way all the colors in your pictures are spread out and look natural. 

I also tried to do the same with the clothespins, if I had a red picture, I would use a blue clothespin with it. This way the clothespin and picture had contrast.

Also my clothespins were arranged so the colors wouldn't repeat each other next to each other and that they would be a large variety of colors throughout one string. 

So those were some of the things I did with arrangement to enhance the colors/contrast of the pictures. But if you want yours not to look random, you can change the arrangement so it looks organized.

Let me get to the point...You can do so MUCH with this DIY.

Here are some of my ideas/suggestions:
1. Have a theme for your pictures
2. Play with different colors for the pins, go black and white or metallic
3. Use magnets instead of clothespins
4. Play with the length and arrangement of your string/s before hanging it up
5. You don't just have to hang up pictures:
You can hang up tickets, postcards, or drawings


Lots of luck, Sophia

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Spring Break

So this year I spent spring break at home, I spent a week at home going shopping, meeting with friends or taking photoshoot tours. So I decided to take a few pictures of the more exciting things I did (visiting this cool french bakery) to share how my spring break at home was. Oh and get excited about a few new blogposts that I have planned, wink wink. And I may have some exciting news too ;)

My dad and me randomly decided to take some pictures around the neighborhood and see what picture worthy things we could find. When we driving I found a really cool house, so I turned my camera on. But then I noticed I had left my SD card at home in my mac, because I was editing something. The next day we went back again (this time with my SD card of course) and it was pouring, which gave me this really cool effect on some of my pictures. Luckily it stopped and the sun came out.

Which I had a garden like this <3

Had to take a picture, after all I love colorful houses!

I thought this picture was really cool, because there was this really amazing round window in the background, that I wanted to zoom in on. But that didn't work out, so I decided to take on focused on the tree and I really like it because of the contrast between the red brick house and bright green tree.

So, first of all I love signs. They just look to cool on pictures! And second this sign had a squiggly font, making it even better...

I found this really beautiful church and it's architecture was exquisite, but there were so many cars and buildings in my way. So I decided to take a picture of the top of it. What I like most about this picture is the grey and white building and the grey and blue sky, everything is so faded.

Graffiti on a train, must have picture!

This house had so many ornaments and decorations, it was overwhelming. Yet, I still liked it, great for pictures...I especially loved this "rock city" birdhouse.

I have been wanting my own rain glass picture forever and now I finally have it thanks to the rain ;)

So this was the cool effect I was taking about, cute pink house in the background. But the focus is on the rain, j'adore.

Same effect, just the colors are way more dark and the house is also more blurred.

So this is phone quality sadly, but we went to this really cool french bakery. It was amazing!

Quick OOTD? Why not. Oh and starbucks, of course. I tried out their peach lemonade tee and I loved it and I normally don't enjoy tee.

This is my favorite picture that I took this entire week. I love how you can see my jeans, but they are blurred out and I also love the color of this delicious macaroon.

So, this is what we got from the expensive french bakery, absolutely yummy.

Last, but not least this picture of my eating my macaroon (and then devouring it, haha). Yeah, my hair didn't feel like having a good hair day that day though.

Hope you enjoyed all of my photography, new blogposts coming this week!

Your, Sophia