Friday, April 10, 2015

Room Tour: starting to decorate

So just this week I painted my room and started decorating it. I am not even nearly finished decorating, but you can see the start of it. When I am finished, I will show you my progress with for and after pictures. My perfect room would be similar to one inspired by Urban Outfitters. Right now it is more of a modern urban vibe, so I am definitely still getting there. I did try to show some of the details that my room already includes.

The entrance door:

As taking these pictures there is one thing I noticed, my Initials are everywhere. And by this I don't mean on pillows and wall decor. So this is on the front of my door, S for Sophia and R for Rose.

On the back of my front door, I have just a 2 bags hanging, my fancy black one and a really cool brown cutout one. I also have my favorite wallet hanging there.

A felt rose that I received from my relatives, they made it by hand!

My Bed Area:

When I was small my parents bought me a dark brown wood bed, very beautiful and expensive. But it just wasn't me or my style. So now I just have 2 stacked mattresses as a bed and I love it.  Then I wanted white duvet cover so I could throw on the craziest pillows. Then I have my pink metal night table from UO, my favorite piece in my entire room! 
Here is my cute kitty going crazy on my bed, I just love her <3

My favorite pillow is definitely my cat pillow, that I received this Christmas. Urban Outfitters still sells it online! Then my mascara/gold eyeshadow pillow, the velvet red pillow and jade blue knitted one are all from H&M. Then the grey one in the back is from my mom and I'm actually not sure where she got that one. Then in the front I have a small bunny that my aunt gave me and my pink unicorn beanie boos called magic. I will never get to old for these...

In the future I plan to get some really cool pillows and keep only the grey one, my cat pillow and the mascara pillow and add some crazy pillows. In the winter I will add the other 2, but there colors really don't fit for the summer and spring time. Overall I want about 2394 different pillows on my bed...Ok, maybe only like 10 but a lot! I was thinking about adding one with a cool quote and another with a really crazy print. What do you think should I do?

Another close up pic of my pillows, just from a different angle. They really don't fit together at all, but that is what I like about them.

Here is a close up pic of my nightstand, in the corner I have "the bedroom book", (my dream bedrooms inside) and a small cat calendar.

On my metal tray, i have these fun pictures of me and my best friend, a nail clipper and a basic nude/light pink color nail polish. Then I also found this adorable cat mug online at UO, but then bought it in the store. As you may have noticed, I am totally obsessed with cats (including my own). 

Here is a fast 10$ DIY, get some cute fake flowers from Michaels and a Mason Jar! You can switch up the flowers for every season or fill the the Mason Jar with some stones. There are endless options with this DIY, play with glitter, duck tape or anything else you desire. But I really like this, it gives me the feeling of nature here in my room and they look pretty realistic. Perfect for Spring too!

Bookshelf/ Dresser

So I don't completely like my bookshelf and dresser standing next to each other, but my room is too small for all my furniture. Overall I like how I filled my bookshelf and decorated it. I do want to hang the cork board higher, so everything doesn't seem so squished.

Here is a close up on my bookshelf, at the bottom I have my favorite books. In the middle I have some other books and my cool satchel bag. At the top I have special books and some office supplies.

I got these two buckets from Target in their one dollar section, great deal! One I filled with all my wishes and dreams (as you can see it is full, bc I have so many) and the other bucket I filled with chalkboard paint and some chalk.

My two buckets are standing on some yearbooks of my favorite school in Germany. I also have my Nasa solar powered name sign that I will show you in detail in another picture.

Here I have my calculator, some metallic pencils and a few scissors in this modern pink office supply holder.

When I visited Scad, I received this 2 pushpins and I love them. After all, I do love SCAD and I am a graphic designer (amateur of course).

Here I have my SCAD book filled with info on the college and their majors. On top of that I have this really cool Sketch and Scrapbook on Architecture, j'adore!

Here is a detail pic on my little "Sophia" solar powered sign from Nasa, a gift from a good friend.

These are my favorite books. My absolute favorite is the Divergent Series. Oh, just recently I accidentally read a spoiler on the end of Alligient. I was (and still am) so shocked and depressed.

Here is my blue Satchel that I got from Forever 21. Its so colorful and just fits perfectly into my bookshelf.

The pink book is one of my sketch books, the yellow books are books my grandfather wrote and the cute light blue/owl print is a notebook with tons of notes inside.

Another one of my favorite decorations in my room, my Inspiration Board! I filled it with inspo mainly of fashion, but also nature, singers, and rooms. I love this and all you need is a cork board and some magazines. 

One of my favorite necklaces that I just hung up, also this really cool picture of nature. Then in the corner a picture of Lorde. I totally adore her! Her music is really amazing and her style is just as inspiring, (also her hair is just like mine). You can also see a picture of me and my older sister :)

I got this small wooden S from my aunt and I thought it fit perfectly on this board. 

For christmas I wanted a subscription to teen vogue and I really love that magazine. Then I have this antique looking jewelry box, that I got from my mom. These cool sunglasses in the front are so cool, I love that they look acrylic and have round rainbow glasses. They are from H&M, but I bought them about 2 years ago. Then I just have this Juicy Couture box, bc it just fitted to this area.

This yellow bowl I got from Anthropologie, they have thousands of different patterns and styles. Love them! I filled it with my favorite bracelets and necklaces. Then in the back I just have this cute pouch and a mint-scented EOS.

My Mom gave me this necklace-holder, it fits perfectly with my vintage yellow bowl next to it and it holds all of my favorite necklaces. 

Desk Area:

So this is my desk that I got from Ikea. It's really big and useful. I have had it for about 5years now and it still looks pretty good. 

Sorry for the shadows, they are because my desk is directly in front of my windows. 

This stands on my desk and is a lilac/light pink bowl filled with inspirational quotes. So if you ever feel down or need inspiration you can just pick one and feel inspired.

Another view of my desk. I have the Macbook Pro, looks kinda dirty in these pictures though...

I always keep my pink calendar on my desk and a notepads for writing down random things or making to do lists.

I found this lego head in Germany, but I have seen them here. Because I couldn't find any other place to put this, I just put it on my desk and it doesn't look to bad. Inside I storage all my Makeup, as you can see I don't have or need much :)

I turned these three mugs around so you can see them better with this lighting. The one on the left was gifted to me from my aunt. She bought it from a high end designer in Germany and I have had it for about 2 years now. The middle one I have had most of my life and it is also from Anthropologie. The last one is  really cheap one, my mom bought it for me in Germany and I have had it also for 2 years.

This I have by my window (aka couldn't find another place for it). I always have change flying around, so I just got a jar to store them in. Then I thought it would be funny to write College Fund on it, as a joke obviously.

Oh and I just took this cute snapshot of my cat Luna on my desk chair. She is my one and only.

This is my backpack and normally I would buy me a black backpack, but this year I just really didn't feel like it. This one is from Pink and it's large enough, practical and durable. Also it looks great :D

Chair/Side Table Area:

This is my side table next to my big white fluffy chair. This side table is from target (another store I love).

So I put the fault in our stars book here, because it looks great. But also because I haven't read it, bc I am so busy with school and everything. Then I just added this cute bowl and put my favorite gold jewelry in it.

I did do a DIY on this Chalkboard Frame, so you should definitely check that out. You can draw on it or write a cute quote, I just wrote Luna because thats my cat's name and it's kinda like an invitation to come sit in the chair next to the board.

So here is my big white fluffy chair, I got it from Target. Because I didn't have any space I had to cram it into a corner. The door behind it is my closet, that is now practically unreachable. 

But my cat loves this chair (it's kinda like her bed), so I just couldn't take it out of my room.


So overall I don't have much decor hanging on my walls. But I plan to do many DIYs. These are just 2 of my art pieces, I know there nothing great. I'm just experimenting, as I have no art experience.

This cat calendar I found at Target for 1$, so I call that a deal...It has the most adorable pictures of sleeping cats and it hangs to the left of my window.

The upper art piece is mine and the lower one is from my dad. He made it when he was my age. I really liked it because I never saw anything like it. These two pieces hang to the right side of my window.

Because my Laundry Basket doesn't belong under any category, I just put it under decor. It is against the left wall to my window, close to my desk. I like the pattern and color of it and it matches perfectly with my wall color.

Hope this post was interesting and gave you some creative ideas for decorating your room. When finished decorating, I will post another blogpost about my room, but it does take me a while to decorate my room. Because I am busy, but especially because I have a very particular taste that I can't find at most stores.

See you soon,

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