Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Wishlist

Hey! Get excited, because spring is already this weekend! Now, even though I have not been able to post anything these past few weeks, I am ready to start blogging again. Spring is supposed to be already here, but I have not seen a lot of Spring weather here in the US. Therefore I found some stuff online that are on my Spring wishlist, I am just so excited for warm weather!

1. Humidity Sandals from Topshop for 45$

Found these adorable sandals at Topshop, but the price was just a bit to much. I really like the trend with these kind of sandals with the thick straps and sole. These were just perfect for me, because they follow the trend but are really wearable to me. I also loved that they came in silver and gold. They are probably the money worth!

2.  Ecote Racerback Trapeze dress from UO for  59$

Lately I really have been into dresses, they are so comfortable and they are just made for good weather. I have especially been liking these flowly kind. They flatter my figure and give me this free and fun vibe that I was looking for. This one stood out to me because it was beyond the normal Brandy Melville Tanktop dress. 

3. Cooperative Structured Mini Crossbody Bag from UO for 49$

This spring/summer I really wanted to play with color for my bags and this one seemed really colorful yet settled. Even though I do not quite like it how UO styled it here. The gold makes it modern, yet the structure of the bag makes it feel vintage and really love that contrast.

4. AE Sky High Shortie for 39.95$

Even though these shorts don't look really crazy and unique, I just really love their fit. Fit in jeans and pants is so important and I find these shorts great as a basic pair of good fitting high-waisted medium-wash shorts. 

5. MOTO Bleach Short Dungarees from Topshop for 70$

I have been looking for a good fitting pair of overalls for over a year now. I really love the tomboy vibe they give off and combined with a lace shirt or something else that is feminism, it makes a great outfit. But I won't be buying overalls for 70$ and when I find them for 30$ their fit is always terrible.

6.  Contrast Trim Crop Top from Topshop for 20$

Even though this t-shirt may seem very basic, I love how formfitting it is (if you view more pictures on Topshop's website). With some shorts or overalls and sandals this could become a really cool outfit. And in the winter you can wear some jeans, booties and layer with a jacket for warmth. 

Hope I will be able to post more often, even though finals are coming up. But I will surely do more in the summer. Have a nice easter sunday!

Yours truly,

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