Monday, February 16, 2015

What to do on Rainy and Snowy Days

If you live in America, well then you now that right now it is pretty snowy here. And if not, maybe its snowing or raining around were you live. So I have come up with many fun things you can do on these kind of days. I personally love these days, because I just want to curl up in my bed with movies.  But sometimes that can get boring after a while. This should help!

So, you stand up on a Saturday and are excited to go shopping. You take your time and finally stand up with your messy bed hair. What? You just looked out of the window and its raining! Now what? Nobody wants to go shopping outside in the rain...

Then you start thinking...I don't want a boring day, how can I make it fun? Well, here is your guide!

First grab your favorite books, magazines or laptop and start reading! Get into the romantic sad story of The Fault In Our Stars or read all about the newest fashion trends. Or read some blogposts of your favorite bloggers.

Did reading get boring? No problem, find some of your read magazines and cut out outfits, pictures or anything that inspires you!

Then start collaging your inspiration. Then you can hang them up on your wall or in a scrapbook.

If you want to, you can save them for a later DIY, that I will be doing. Ok, I will tell you. Its a really cool customized Inspiration Board!

Yes, you may not like feeling doing homework or studying. But its a good opportunity to get ahead or catch up with your work. Be sure to do this in the morning, when you are most productive!

Are you getting hungry? Well then back some of your favorite cookies or maybe some cute cupcakes. Either way its fun and delicious!

Don't feel bad if your still in your pjs! It's your day to just be lazy, no one cares.  I bet you can always find something to do on your laptop, if its playing games, watching youtube videos or just going on you favorite social media sites. 

If you have a pet, then play with her or him! They will enjoy spending time with you and so will you. This is my lovely kitty Luna, I love her to death.

Now, its the end of the day and you just want to relax? Then just get your favorite shower gel or bath bombs and take a nice refreshing long bath. This will give a good end note to the day and make you feel fresh and clean.

Now lastly make something delicious you enjoy. If that is some pizza or rather a salad, either way it will make you happy and content.  Perfect after a long bath.

Now finish off the day, with a movie or a few...Don't forget some chocolate and if your watching a sad movie, maybe some tissues. If you want you could also play some of your favorite games.

I really hope this helped...What are some of your favorite activities to do on rainy days?

xoxo, Sophia

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