Sunday, February 15, 2015

DIY Room Decor: Chalkboard Frame

As you may have read in my previous blog post, that I am going to do a long series of Room Decor DIY. I am really excited for these DIYs and hopefully so are you. I am also planning on doing more fashion posts and really improve on those!

So this is what is going to look like in the end. You can really customize this DIY, by using the kind of frame you like or that fits well to your room. I decided to choose this one because, I thought it looked unique and fit well with modern furniture and decoration. Then you can play with it and write quotes or draw quote things. On holidays you can draw holiday themed things on it. Or write your to do list on it. Be creative, because there are many options!

Here are some things you will need: a paint brush, chalk paint (or spray) and a frame and some chalk. This DIY only costs about 10$, which is really cheap. It can cost more, it mainly depends what kind of frame you choose to buy.

If it was not obvious, this is the easiest DIY ever! All you do is, take out the glass of the frame (I tried painting on it, does not work. So don't be as stupid as me.) and paint a layer of chalk paint with your paintbrush on the cardboard, that is normally in a frame. Then wait about 30min to 1hour and paint a second layer. Wait until that dries and put it into the frame.

Now is your part to get creative! Have fun and draw and write whatever you like on your new Chalkboard. I drew many Valentine's Day inspired things, because it was around Valentine's Day.

Hopefully you liked this blogpost and that is was inspiring to you. If you have some suggestions or ideas on DIYs or blogposts, just comment. 


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