Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring 2015 Fashion Week, Trends & My favorite looks

Fashion week has been the past 2 weeks and I must say I am really liking everything that I have been seeing. The main trends are structures, floral/graphic prints, flowly/sheer dresses and skirts, wide/loose clothing and dark colors. I love all of these trends, because I think that they are modern, yet creative. For many designers I did not like their collections because of their use of dark color. I don't mind dark colors in spring, but only if it still looks like spring. Some designers combined their dark colors with leather and heavy fabric, which made it look for winter. So here are my favorite designer and my opinion on their collections.

 1. Valentino

Valentino has always been one of my favorite designers. But i really love their spring collections, it is modern, innovative and I love the different shapes of the outfits. The cutout detail is balanced with the white color and the fabric and choice of color makes it feel like spring. Also their cutouts are very flowery. I adore the 2nd look! The flower embroidering makes the outfit feel like spring, but the leather strap sandals contrast well with the dress and give an edge to it. The colors, also make it a bit more edgy. Then the shape of the dress is simple, but it adds detail and is very modern. The third look, is so free and makes me want to walk at a beach, with the wind blowing my hair away.  The bottom part of the dress is so flowly it reminds me off spring. Therefor the creative and artsy print on the bottom is very soft. The long sleeves and neckline contrast with the flow of the bottom part of the dress and the see through fabric makes the dress feel light. 

2. Suno

Even though i have never heard of this designer, I really like this collection. The sandals that are similar on all of the looks, make the collection very cohesive. The graphic and floral prints contrast very well. The flowly dresses on the 1st and 3rd look are just so fun and light. All of these three dresses go beyond the knee, yet look modern and attractive and that is not to easy to create, so I also really like that. 

3. Tory Burch

I love this collection for their more wearable looks, textures and fun graphic prints. Tory Burch has presented some really modern pieces and their textures give all the feeling of spring.  Even though on these three looks, their is a lot of black and white, this collection uses quite a lot of colors. On the first outfit I really like the spiral big earings that make the outfit look more sophisticated and chic. The skirt has a very interesting texture, but I really love the print.  On the second look, I love once again the texture and shape of this dress or coat? Those two things give the print a special feeling. The third look is just so wearable and modern/cool. I love the metallic blue used in the print of the dress and repeated in the shoes. I also love the wide strap sandals.

4. Delpozo

The shape and embroidery on these three outfits are so fresh and youth full. The broad shape contrast with the see through mint green color and embroidery. But the color is youthful, unique and feels like spring. The oversized shoulders, sleeves and pockets are so modern and the dress is actually pretty flattering. I love the second dress, because even of the strong color, long skirt and heavy material. The outfit looks fresh, spring- like and light. I am still questioning the shoes for a unknown reason.  But I love the shape of the skirt and top. Even though I am not a fan of red, I love it in this look. The cool see through clutch with the embroidering feels chic and modern. 

5. Proenza Schouler

This is one of the dark colors collection that I really liked. The pattern, fringe and oversized/loose clothing is so modern and repeated (in a good way), it makes everything feel very cohesive. I love the use of cobalt and navy blue. The fringe gives the dress a young and fun element. Overall very modern, young and innovative. 

What were your favorite designers and looks at fashion week? What trends have you spotted and are looking forward to in stores? 

Have a good weekend,

Friday, February 20, 2015

Photoshop Tutorial: The Basic Photoshop skills

Because I have been taking Graphic Design classes since August and continuing next school year, I thought a photoshop tutorial would be cool. I am just showing the basic photoshop yourself into another picture tutorial. Please excuse me if it's not to well, it's the first one that I have done. But I am surely going to do some that are more advanced. I will do like a series with different levels. This way you can develop skills and move on into more advanced things. I will also try to make my videos better. Anyways I really hope this helps!

Sincerely, Sophia :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

What to do on Rainy and Snowy Days

If you live in America, well then you now that right now it is pretty snowy here. And if not, maybe its snowing or raining around were you live. So I have come up with many fun things you can do on these kind of days. I personally love these days, because I just want to curl up in my bed with movies.  But sometimes that can get boring after a while. This should help!

So, you stand up on a Saturday and are excited to go shopping. You take your time and finally stand up with your messy bed hair. What? You just looked out of the window and its raining! Now what? Nobody wants to go shopping outside in the rain...

Then you start thinking...I don't want a boring day, how can I make it fun? Well, here is your guide!

First grab your favorite books, magazines or laptop and start reading! Get into the romantic sad story of The Fault In Our Stars or read all about the newest fashion trends. Or read some blogposts of your favorite bloggers.

Did reading get boring? No problem, find some of your read magazines and cut out outfits, pictures or anything that inspires you!

Then start collaging your inspiration. Then you can hang them up on your wall or in a scrapbook.

If you want to, you can save them for a later DIY, that I will be doing. Ok, I will tell you. Its a really cool customized Inspiration Board!

Yes, you may not like feeling doing homework or studying. But its a good opportunity to get ahead or catch up with your work. Be sure to do this in the morning, when you are most productive!

Are you getting hungry? Well then back some of your favorite cookies or maybe some cute cupcakes. Either way its fun and delicious!

Don't feel bad if your still in your pjs! It's your day to just be lazy, no one cares.  I bet you can always find something to do on your laptop, if its playing games, watching youtube videos or just going on you favorite social media sites. 

If you have a pet, then play with her or him! They will enjoy spending time with you and so will you. This is my lovely kitty Luna, I love her to death.

Now, its the end of the day and you just want to relax? Then just get your favorite shower gel or bath bombs and take a nice refreshing long bath. This will give a good end note to the day and make you feel fresh and clean.

Now lastly make something delicious you enjoy. If that is some pizza or rather a salad, either way it will make you happy and content.  Perfect after a long bath.

Now finish off the day, with a movie or a few...Don't forget some chocolate and if your watching a sad movie, maybe some tissues. If you want you could also play some of your favorite games.

I really hope this helped...What are some of your favorite activities to do on rainy days?

xoxo, Sophia

Sunday, February 15, 2015

DIY Room Decor: Chalkboard Frame

As you may have read in my previous blog post, that I am going to do a long series of Room Decor DIY. I am really excited for these DIYs and hopefully so are you. I am also planning on doing more fashion posts and really improve on those!

So this is what is going to look like in the end. You can really customize this DIY, by using the kind of frame you like or that fits well to your room. I decided to choose this one because, I thought it looked unique and fit well with modern furniture and decoration. Then you can play with it and write quotes or draw quote things. On holidays you can draw holiday themed things on it. Or write your to do list on it. Be creative, because there are many options!

Here are some things you will need: a paint brush, chalk paint (or spray) and a frame and some chalk. This DIY only costs about 10$, which is really cheap. It can cost more, it mainly depends what kind of frame you choose to buy.

If it was not obvious, this is the easiest DIY ever! All you do is, take out the glass of the frame (I tried painting on it, does not work. So don't be as stupid as me.) and paint a layer of chalk paint with your paintbrush on the cardboard, that is normally in a frame. Then wait about 30min to 1hour and paint a second layer. Wait until that dries and put it into the frame.

Now is your part to get creative! Have fun and draw and write whatever you like on your new Chalkboard. I drew many Valentine's Day inspired things, because it was around Valentine's Day.

Hopefully you liked this blogpost and that is was inspiring to you. If you have some suggestions or ideas on DIYs or blogposts, just comment. 


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Inspiration Valentine's Day OOTD

Happy Valentine's Day !

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I have posted. But I have some really great DIY posts coming up and other things so get excited. Valentine's Day is already in one week and if you have no idea what to wear, then I have some inspiration for you.

What I like to do is to take basic colors like black, white and grey and style them with some accessories or details in pink and red. So if you have a grey sweater, you could throw on a cute pink scarf or if you are into DIYs you could find a cool love quote and get some iron-on letters. I have seen a lot of Valentine's Day inspired outfits in magazines too. Here are some of my Valentine's day outfit ideas:

So I thought a simple flower crown with a pink, white or grey t-shirt would give a feeling of Valentine's day. Pair that with some jeans or fancy pants and ballerinas. 
I took this really basic blue-white stripped shirt and a pink tee, it looks really cool. I was also wearing light pink nail polish, so that it would not be to much pink or red, but still feel like Valentine's Day. But if you prefer more color with red or hot pink nail polish, than that works as well.
This is my favorite outfit, because I love this scarf. It fits perfectly for the winter and it fits for Valentine's Day.
Here I just took a grey sweater and threw on a pink fake burberry scarf, simple but cute.

Sadly, you can't see the bow so well. But it adds some cute detail to the outfit and contrasts  well with my pink tee and blond hair.

This is a really cute outfit, it is not to cute, with my booties and black skirt. But the Valentine's Day feel comes with the pink tee. The white statement necklace adds a nice contrast.

Here is a more close up picture, I really love how it flows and puffs up.

Here is a close up to the necklace. I really like it because it looks vintage, yet very modern and simplistic and unique.

Hope you that these outfits have inspired you and gave you some ideas for your Valentine's Day OOTD. I love Valentine's Day, because it is all about love. And its a day that is full of Pink :D What is your favorite part about Valentine's Day?

xoxo, Sophia