Friday, December 26, 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

           Hope everyone had a nice Christmas !  My Christmas was good and I am so glad over everything I received and gifted. It is really my favorite time of the year. 

So here are the things that I got for Christmas :)

I really wanted this cute cat pillow from Urban Outfitters, it is so cute and looks just like my cat :)

I also received this faux fur scarf from target that I have been just crazy about the last weeks amd I just was so happy that I finally got it.

I needed a tripod for my new camera and this one was about 30$ and it can be extended to 72 inch, it is good quality and I think I will be very happy with this product.

This is just the simple remote control for my camera/tripod, that I also needed.

My sister gave me this for Christmas and I love Body Shop amd especiallytheir body butters, the scents are not to overwhelming and it is very moisturizing. 

This is the other gift my sis gave me, it is a small bottle, but the scent is fresh and clean.

These were some really cute socks that I received, I totally love them.

I also got a pink Iphone wallet and this really cute bracelet from C Wonder. My Mom found this on sale for 2.50$ instead of 48$. Such an amazing deal and it has an R on it for the Inital of my Middle Name.

This is so cute, because my little 6-year old sister and it is just lovely that she gave me this.

Last but not least, I wanted some simple eye shadow colors and because I cant afford the Naked palletes, i thought this one would be a good alternative. Maybe I could do a tutorial on it or review it in a later blogpost.

Hoped you liked this blogpost and I would be happy over anybody commenting :)

xoxo, Sophia

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