Friday, December 26, 2014

My playlist for the upcoming year

New Years is only a few days away and everybody wants a fresh start into the new year. So here is my playlist that I have created for 2015. It is a mixture between older and new songs, most alternative and pop.

1. Getting emotional 
Keane, Somewhere only we know

2. Conquering the new year
Imagine Dragons, On top of the world

3. New and Hip
Taylor Swift, Blank Space

4. Exciting, new and fun 
Paramore, Ain't it fun

5. Different but classic
Coldplay, Viva la Vida 

6. Trendy, Creativ 
Sia, Chandelier

7. Fun and true
Charli xcx, Break the rules

8. Innovative but cool
Coldplay, 42

9. Fun in the car
Meghan Trainor, Lips are movin

10. Last but not least
Lorde, Royals

Even if I have heard some of these songs so many times, I stick with them. The new year can also mean new songs, hopefully I will find some new ones that I love, to add yo this Playlist. Can you think of any other songs that you love. Then please Comment :) 

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