Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Years Resolution

Now that Christmas is over and New Years Eve is only days away and like every year, I have some things. that I would like to improve in my life. Even if I don't keep at those things, trying is worth it. Some of those things though I will definetly keep at and won't give up on them. Happy New Years Eve! 

1. Controlling what I eat and eating healthier 
This mainly means that I really want to focus on obviously making better eating choices, like drinking no soda. Also to limit the amount of sugar that I take in and eat especially more fruit.

2. Getting into shape ( the first two are pretty basic)
This means especially core training and really intensive stretching. I will post a blogpost about my nee fitness routine. 

3. Pretty random but...
I would like to use my reward cards more, like the Starbucks Reward Card.

4. Get A's in ALL of my classes

5. Staying Organized
I really love organizing things, but sometimes when I am just really busy I don't have the motivation to keep my room clean. This just has to work out!

6. Finally complety finish decorating my room

7. Better blog
I would like to post better blogposts and pictures and more often. Hopefully my pageviews goes up a bit this coming year. 

So these are the main things I would like to improve in my life. So what are your resolutions? 

xoxo, Sophia

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