Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas gift guide

So every year your standing in a store trying to find the perfect gifts and hopefully they are not expensive. So here are some ideas for family, friends or anyone else you might care about. I love shopping for gifts and creating a smile on someones face. And its not always the easiest thing coming up with new ideas and personalizing something.

Victoria Secret is always a good gift for friends, moms and sisters.
I totally love this scent and the body butter. There was a 2 for 25$ sale or 3 for 30$ and it was a really good price.

Great scent and price right now, always look out for sales.
This is for my little sister ( she is 6), books, games, toys and sweets will always work.

This normally costs 20$, but I found it for 50% of. This is so useful for so many things: makeup, little nicknacks...An idea would be to fill it with some small goodies like lipbalm, lotion or candy.

Some good slippers are always cute, useful and warm. This are the cutest every and completly made out of leather, these are on Sale for 20$ at J.Crew.

If you can afford it or find something on Sale, moms always love expensive cute nicknacks like a cardholder or key chain.

This is my moms favorite brand and she is the happiest person when she gets something from Tory Burch. I bet you someone just like her, with a favorite brand.

Scrubs, lotions, butters pretty any body product will be loved by moms, sister and friends.  Prices can range from 5-55$, this one was only 7$ from Ulta.

xoxo, Sophia

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