Sunday, November 16, 2014

The world in the eyes of a cat lover

14 years of waiting to get a cat, was definitely worth it. My parents always found some excuse to not get a cat for so many years, until my neighbor founds lost kitten. They searched for the owner, but couldn't find anybody. So finally my mother agreed to take her. I could' believe that after all this time that I would have a cat...So now having her for about 2-3 weeks, I have loved it. Here are so me pictures, she is so cute, unique and perfect for me. I named her Luna, because she is feisty, cute, active, energetic, beautiful and she definetly has her own will.
She loves walking next to the railing, especially because it is dangerous.

I know I shouldn't make her angry, but I had to try it once.
Now she is laying next to the railing, seems only unfortable to me apparently.

She is so beautiful and peaceful when she sleeps.

I always wanna curl up with her, but do not always have time.

She loves sitting on my desk and staring out my window.

She is so active, but I can never get pictures of her, because she is so fast and I can never catch a pic of her.

She is my little daughter and I am her her to much!!!
Does anybody else feek ths way ? Well, let me play with my cat now,,,xoxo, Sophia

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