Sunday, November 9, 2014

5 wearable trends to wear this fall/winter

Trends seen at the fashion week are not always the easiest to follow, but some can be made really wearable and fun. Here are some that were seen on the fashion week and some celebs.

The Leopard trend 

You may not have thought that leopard print pants would work, but they actually do if combined right.
Here are some examples of this trend on the runway.

                                                            Go Orange

This can be styled as most of the outfit or just a nice accent, both works.
Here the orange jacket makes the outfit pop. 

Menswear-inspired oxfords

There are so many ways to combine them, they are so versatile.
This is my personal favorite trend, I think that simply make a statement, they practically fit with anything and are so wearable.


I love this trend, because the skirts can be so different and the combinations are endless.

I find this trend unusual and different, but its still so great.

Mad for Plaid

Just wear plaid and your outfit will look like fall and winter! It's great combined with so many things, like oxfords, leather and faux fur.

Plaid skirts and coats are most popular, but anything works from scarfs to dresses.

Hope that you liked this blogpsost and that it inspired you.

xoxo, Sophia

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