Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sugar and it's effect on our society

So, this weekend I did some research on sugar for an upcoming challenge for me (their will be a blogpost next week). It is actually pretty intresting and shocking the facts that I found out about sugar, its effect on our health, body and society.


Doesn't this cupcake look delicious ? Well, you might learn the cons of this cupcake much more specifically than just the many unhealthy calories it contains. 

22.7 teaspoons a day

The average americans consumption of sugar daily, not shocking? Well, guess how much we should consume after a research of the American Heart Association:

9 teaspoons a day for men
6 teaspoons a day for women

The Problem with fructose

  • Fructose is found in fruit and vegetables
  • It's an excess health hazard
  • Because glucose in sugar is metabolized by the body, but fructose is proccesed in liver by fats called triglycerides, those stay in the liver or are pushed out into the blood
  • eventually metabolic syndromes occurs characterized by obesity
  • Fructose is the primary reason for obesity in America

"It seems like every time I study on illness and trace a path to the first cause, I find my way back to sugar." - Richard Johnson, a nephrologisst at the University of Colorado Denver

Fun Fact: Well, if you call it "fun", it's more likely dangerous, because 1 out of 3 Americans have high blood pressure. Which is very intimidating, because it is one of the symptoms of Diabetes.

In 1960 experiments on people showed that high amounts of sugar in their diet led to high level of fat and insulin in the blood- risk factors for heart disease & diabetes.

This is a chart of the increase of Diabetes in America, researched by the American Heart Association. Do you see the shoking increase? It went up by 16 million people in just 40 years, what abut the next 40 years? 

The biggest problem in the health of our American society is really that it's extremely difficult to avoid sugar these days and it's a reason for our unhealthy consumption.

Fun Fact: Many foods seem healthy, because they say fat-free backed goods and they contain large quantities of sugar, to make it taste reasonably good.

So yeah, I did all this research just out of interest and I will do something related to this soon and if you are interest you should check my blog in a week when I write a blogpost about it, I hope that you liked this blogpost and found it very informational and interesting.

xoxo, Sophia

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