Sunday, October 19, 2014

One week without sugar

So last weekend I informed myself about sugar and I was shocked ! You can check out my recent blogpost about it. I decided to try to do one week without sugar and I completly honestly admit it I failed, I have reasons, I am not perfect and I tryed. And that is what I think it is all about, TRYING. Here you can see my Conclusions, results and thoughts about this past week.

I woke up wanting to eat sugar, luckily I had reduced my sugar consume over the weekend, so the transition wouldn't be as hard. My usual breakfast which is just some cereal and milk with equals to about 23 grams of sugar. So I ate plain oatmeal with milk, yes milk has sugar, I am sorry I will not give up all the good stuff in Milk, I love's my coffee. Having to make my lunch for school was a challenge, luckily bread has only 0.2g of sugar per slice, it is a reasonable amount. I couldn't find anything else in our pantry with barely or no sugar. Knowing I wouldn't survive the day without more than 2 slices of bread, I ate some crackers with 2g of sugar, I am sorry and thats all I have to say about that. Luckily I was distraced enough in school to not think about sugar most of the time. I came home very hungry and as my normal cookies were not an option, I stole some crackers from our pantry they had 3g of sugar per 12 crackers, so I ate about 7-8 ( I couldn't wait untill dinner). I don't remember what we had for dinner...was it tacos? Idk, but all my dinners had barely to none sugar, the only meal I could eat like on a regular day. After dinner, I was missing my usual chocolate, but I survived. Later I got really hungry and ate another 7-8 crackers I think.

Conclusion: So a week without sugar is impossible, unless I make everything from scratch and obviously I don't have the time for that.

Woke up, found it would just be easier to just eat some bread+butter, not very satisfying but no other option. For lunch, I made 2 slices of bread  + creamcheese and it does have about 1.5g of sugar, but bettter than most things. I added some carrots and mini tomatoes, they have sugar but it doesn't hurt your body and it's vegetables so...? And now comes what I am most emberassed of, I am not perfect and I admit it. I came home, my sister made chocolate fudge brownies with frosting  in a heart shape. How unresistable and you can guess what happend. After that I noticed they contained more sugar than you should eat daily, so I should not ever eat one again, I said should not would, haha. After that I went to Dance and yes I dance. After an hour of dance I always need something to eat, before going to my second class that day and I packed a banana. At about 9.30 pm I came home hungry and I had dinner, again I dont remember what it was. And I ate another brownie, so ashamed.

Conclusion: If I really want to reduce my sugar on a regular basis, that means only 2-3 cookies a day, no cerial, no brownies, no cupcakes, no more chocolate than 3 pieces a day. Defestated.

Same routine for breakfast and lunch. But, a funny story, I know it seems like I may have nothing to do with sugar, but I will explain later how it does. I fell asleep several times in the bus for about one minute trying to keep my eyes open. The last time I fell asleep for 5min, I woke up by accidently banging my head against the window, haha ( wonder how many people saw that). Still struggling not to fall asleep again, I made it to school.  After school, I had a cucumber and some tomatoes? Yep, that was it, couldn't find anything else. Then, I had to go to the doctor to get my flu shot, never  got one before. Anyways I got it and passed out. Luckily one nurse catched me and dragged me into a room. they offered me popsicles and juice, but I just wanted water. My mom claimed it was cause of my natural low blood pressure and having "no sugar", but me ( I just knew cause I read the sheet the gave you about the shot) and the nurses knew it , it was one of the stupid symptoms. Anyways I went home and had a granola bar, to get my blood pressure up. After that I had dinner and a banana, I think.

Conclusion: I can't wait in till next week, then realizing it wouldn't be much better, with my now limited sugar health plan I created to stay around the daily sugar recommendation. Also I noticed falling asleep became much easier (not just because of the bus situation)

Normal day, same breakfast, same lunch and same dinner. Went to dance, I ate a granola bar, pretty normal. Did you know that a Quakers Chewy granola bar contains 8g of sugar and they are so tiny, I could eat 20 of them.

Conclusion: People need to be more aware of the amount of sugar we have and what they consume daily. Sugar is im everthing !!!

TGIF....same for breakfast. lunch and dinner. Ate 1 granola bar and pancakes that had 4g of sugar and am very ashamed of myself. But it's only human to want sugar so badly, I have such a strong sweet tooth.

Conclusion: This will be over soon, wait no it won't? I still have to daily reduce my sugar consume, and I don't know what to do without brownies, cupcakes, barely any chocolate. So I was/still am sad.

So I had the same breakfast, but got really excited for a day at my dream college ( I know I am just a freshman in highschool). They offered delicous free lunch, I choose a really good beef hamburger (so delicious) with some fries (ugh calories...) and it was great. I wanted simple water, but they only had lemonade and orange juice so I choose orange juice ( I was so thirsty) and it probably had so much sugar. After a few hours we went to Starbucks and that store is pure sugar, the healthiest thing I found was a croissant with a defestating 6g of sugar, but it was Saturday, I had a great day and I just didn't care anymore. At night my mom made fries (second time eating them) and a german meat,that we don't have here.

Conclusion: Now I can't even drink Starbucks hot chocolate and frappuccinos anymore. What now? OMG, I just found out a tall frappuccino has 38 g of sugar !!! That is more than  I should eat daily sugar wise. What am I gonna do with my life ? I can't eat them anymore.

Same breakfast. For lunch I had some Spagetti, after that I had to eat carrots for about 2 hours...ugh. And then bread for dinner. I didn't think I would survive this day, my hunger is only for sugar. My mind is only thinking about sugar.

Conclusion: I will try to be healthier and get my daily consumption of sugar down to 30-40g sugar, because I want to be healthy, hopefully I will get used to not having as much sugar, I mean I did very slowly  but maybe even more in the future.

Things I had to resist this week:

Yummy but a cookie has 8-15g of sugar

Cookies, Pumpkin Bars, Frosting and Brownies...

My favorite icecream

sweets that are so unhealthy!!!

So, my health plan is to eat no cerial, instead bread with peanut butter or simple pancakes 3-4g of sugar. For lunch just some simple bread and I will have to find some kind of healthy snack. Dinner as usual and for snacks only up to 3 cookies a day and 3 pieces of chocolate. Only occaisonaly brownies, cupcakes, icecream.

xoxo, Sophia

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