Friday, September 12, 2014

When I try to be a photographer...

...well, what can you expect from an Iphone 4s camera? So here are my best pictures from this past year on my Iphone 4s, me trying to be a photographer. Hoping to soon get a real good camera, if you have any sugestions which camera I should get please comment ! So here enjoy these pictures of nature, skies, flowers, trees, buildings etc.

Featuring my sister's hand holding a fantastic flower in December !

Outside my bedroom's window, not so good quality but I still like the pic.

Beautiful church in Savannah...I fell in love with it's architecture.

It snowed a bit, so I drew a heart on my brothers car and took a pic of it.

I love taking pictures of trees, especially these one's in Savannah, GA.

Coca Cola museum in Atlanta, beautiful architecure !

In real the rainbow was much more beautiful :(
And this beautiful pic was taken outside my dad's office, haha.
I was bored so I took a pic of the flowers in our garden once, this came out :)

I took this picture in Savannah, GA and I love it <3

Do you ever try taking proffesional pics and being artsy with an Iphone camera...and notice that isn't quite possible :D Yeah, that's me.

xoxo, Sophia

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