Monday, September 15, 2014

Roadtrip: Alabama

So this weeekend, I went with my friends family to their house in Alabama. I was so excited to take a short roadtrip. It was amazing, 3 days in nature, great weather and lots of fun activities. I found my passion for doing puzzles, riding on fourwheelers and simply hanging around and not spending much time in front of screens. Every night though, we would cuddle up and watch a movie, get a good night sleep and wake up to the beauty of fresh fruit and pastries.

Here are some pictures of the house I was staying in: There were many different chalendiers and beautiful white stuc, nice front porch.

The nature there was great, on the last morning it was really foggy as you may see on some of these pictures. The house was in a street with a few other houses behind a few hills and mountains.

The right view off the balcon of the house.

The front view of the balcon.

There was a really cute spider web at the balcon, you can also see the entrance in the house.

Just a beautiful sky view.
They had a cute little barn next to their house  was so peaceful and adorable.
There was a pond in the backyard of their house, that was surronded by trees.

We found a praying mantis in a fig tree in their backyard.

Here are some picture of the different things I did and they were all pretty fun, you should definetly try these things out, more fun than they may seem.


Painting pots

Picking figs and eating them, they are really delicous and sweet. They have a few fig trees in their backyard, sadly the good figs were high up in the trees and we needed a ladder to get them.

I went four wheeling, it was really fun and exciting: drivng through hills and bumpes really fast.

Even though it is mid september, it was still warm enough to enjoy my last swim for this fall.

Just sitting on a roof and enjoying a coke with friends and talking while watching the sun set, was pretty amazing. Definetly worth the calories of a coke, just kidding...haha.

And last but not least, here is their cat that is not the most normal cat. He loves to jump and climb, is quite aggresive, but he can look very cute if he isnt attacking somebody.

He jumped up from the kitchen top counter to the top of the kitchen cabinet twice, staying there for more than 2 hours, he loves it up there nice and private.

He looks very cute laying their so peacefull, but once he trys to bit you not as much anymore.

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