Wednesday, September 24, 2014

OOTW: Fall break !

Last week I had fall break (finally!!!) and these are my OOTD of the week, except Friday cause I went to the fair and that will be a seperate blogpost.
 Monday, I came home from an Weekend Roadtrip to Alabama (see my blogpost) and it was a pretty casual day, because I sadly got my braces on. A pretty painfull day, but its worth it. I just wore these  sweatpants from BP Nordstrom, which are so comfy and so cute. I paired it with my cute Aztec print shirt from Urban Outfitters.

 On Tuesday I went shopping, so I wore this really cute lepard print sweater. It is comfy and warm,just perfect for a casual day of shopping...

 Wensday I just did a lot of HW, so a simple tee and jeans worked out just fine. Jeans from AE ans shoes from target.

 This is the brand of the shirt, its printed on the right corner of my tshirt ( cant really see it on the pic very well) and the back.
 On Thursday, I went to my friends house and we had a lot of fun. My flanel is from BP Nordstrom and my black jeans are from AE and my shoes from target.


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