Sunday, September 28, 2014

OOTN: North GA State Fair

Last week in fall break, I went to the North GA State Fair and it was amazing, sadly me and my friends couldn't stay to long and yeah, it was at night so sorry for bad picture quality.
I wore a simple striped tee from J.Crew with a necklace my sister got me when she visited Jerusalem and I combined it with my AE jeans and Target sandals and my favorite bag, also from Target. Not quite sure what I was thinking, because I trusted the weather reports saying it would be 80 degrees and in the end I froze to death the hole night...

 These pics were taken up on a sort of "ski lift", it was great you could see everything from up there.
 Just some curled up fries, a bit expensive and very unhealthy, but its a fair so what can you expect?
 And here is a pic of how crowded everything was and you can see the carousel. But overall I had a great time, there were so many different things we didn't have time for, like animal petting, different rides, tatoos that hold for 4 weeks and getting drawings of us taken, maybe next year.

xoxo, Sophia

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