Friday, September 19, 2014

Mini fall haul

So yeah, with my limited budget, don''t expect me to have really expensive designer clothes and especially not many. I mean not everybody is rich, just saying. Anways these are a few things that I bought for fall that I really got a good deal on and like.

 I really needed a pair of ballerinas and I really loved these ones from target for a very good price, I think they were like 25$. But I really liked the pointed toe feature.

Everybody gets why this is perfect, but I think I will just use it for those few occasions when you need to transport a large item, nothing like clothes. Somehow I always find a purpose and it was only like a few dollars at forevere 21.

 So these ballerinas were so cute and especially comfortable, I had to buy them. They are navy blue and have a snake texture, just perfect! They are from target (my favorite store) and cost around 20$.
 This is probably one of my new favorite t-shirts and it's perfect for everyday, but also so many different ways to combine it with cardigans and jackets. It costs 12$ at Urban Outfitters, definetly one of my favorite stores but usually not as affordable.
 These are my newest obsession, even though I haven't worren them yet. They are so cute and I really love cut-out booties, so easy to combine( there will be a later blogpost about how to combine them). And they are really good quality, for only 35$ at target ( does it again).
 I bought this on sale for half price off, I think for 17$, very good price. I really like the the burgundy color which is perfect for fall and  it's so cute for everyday in school. Love it! Oh and as you may guess I bought it at Victoria's Secret Pink.

 This is the cutest dress ever...(you will see it in a following blogpost ;)). The left corner is a closer picture of the front of the dress, underneath is its back and the pic at the bottom you can see the lace in detailing. Anyways it was a bit more expensive, for about 48$ from BP. Nordstrom.
Flanels are a must for fall and winter, so many ways to combine! Anyways this is from Nordstrom BP. on sale for only 25$, which is a good price for that brand.

xoxo, Sophia

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