Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finding your perfect homecoming outfit...

Didn`t the school year just begin? And now homecoming is coming very soon, so preparing is definetly important for your perfect outfit.This is probably very important to almost every teenage girl ( including me ...haha). But finding the perfect dress, accessories and shoes isn`t always the easiest thing and it just has be the perfect outfit just for you. So here are some tips and tricks how to find your personal outfit for homecoming.

Get inspired...
Very important so you can get some ideas on what you may want to do this year, magazines, stores and tumblr/weheartit are some good inspiration sources.


Than think about what features you liked about the items you saw and make a list. What did you like, would you rather want a short or long dress? Any special detaling or style you liked ? Now don`t forget to include important factors like being comfortable in your dress, which is very important if you want to dance around or a budget.

Look online and in stores
So now just look around in stores and online and find a dress that completes your checklist or atleast most of it. Don`t forget that when buying an item, it should always fit with the shoes you will be wearing or your dress. Look into stores like Nordstrom, dEliA*s, Macy´s or Jcpenny.

...about ways to do your hair and makeup, go real into details from your nailpolish to the colour of your eyeliner. There is more to plan than you may think.

Here are some example dresses:

These are all from Nordstrom´s homecoming collection this year and I have fallen in love <3

I like this dress, simple and a bit of glitz...perfect! This one is from Macy`s.

Hope this helped and I would love to hear your tips and tricks for Homecoming in the comments:)

xoxo, Sophia

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