Sunday, September 28, 2014

OOTN: North GA State Fair

Last week in fall break, I went to the North GA State Fair and it was amazing, sadly me and my friends couldn't stay to long and yeah, it was at night so sorry for bad picture quality.
I wore a simple striped tee from J.Crew with a necklace my sister got me when she visited Jerusalem and I combined it with my AE jeans and Target sandals and my favorite bag, also from Target. Not quite sure what I was thinking, because I trusted the weather reports saying it would be 80 degrees and in the end I froze to death the hole night...

 These pics were taken up on a sort of "ski lift", it was great you could see everything from up there.
 Just some curled up fries, a bit expensive and very unhealthy, but its a fair so what can you expect?
 And here is a pic of how crowded everything was and you can see the carousel. But overall I had a great time, there were so many different things we didn't have time for, like animal petting, different rides, tatoos that hold for 4 weeks and getting drawings of us taken, maybe next year.

xoxo, Sophia

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

OOTW: Fall break !

Last week I had fall break (finally!!!) and these are my OOTD of the week, except Friday cause I went to the fair and that will be a seperate blogpost.
 Monday, I came home from an Weekend Roadtrip to Alabama (see my blogpost) and it was a pretty casual day, because I sadly got my braces on. A pretty painfull day, but its worth it. I just wore these  sweatpants from BP Nordstrom, which are so comfy and so cute. I paired it with my cute Aztec print shirt from Urban Outfitters.

 On Tuesday I went shopping, so I wore this really cute lepard print sweater. It is comfy and warm,just perfect for a casual day of shopping...

 Wensday I just did a lot of HW, so a simple tee and jeans worked out just fine. Jeans from AE ans shoes from target.

 This is the brand of the shirt, its printed on the right corner of my tshirt ( cant really see it on the pic very well) and the back.
 On Thursday, I went to my friends house and we had a lot of fun. My flanel is from BP Nordstrom and my black jeans are from AE and my shoes from target.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Mini fall haul

So yeah, with my limited budget, don''t expect me to have really expensive designer clothes and especially not many. I mean not everybody is rich, just saying. Anways these are a few things that I bought for fall that I really got a good deal on and like.

 I really needed a pair of ballerinas and I really loved these ones from target for a very good price, I think they were like 25$. But I really liked the pointed toe feature.

Everybody gets why this is perfect, but I think I will just use it for those few occasions when you need to transport a large item, nothing like clothes. Somehow I always find a purpose and it was only like a few dollars at forevere 21.

 So these ballerinas were so cute and especially comfortable, I had to buy them. They are navy blue and have a snake texture, just perfect! They are from target (my favorite store) and cost around 20$.
 This is probably one of my new favorite t-shirts and it's perfect for everyday, but also so many different ways to combine it with cardigans and jackets. It costs 12$ at Urban Outfitters, definetly one of my favorite stores but usually not as affordable.
 These are my newest obsession, even though I haven't worren them yet. They are so cute and I really love cut-out booties, so easy to combine( there will be a later blogpost about how to combine them). And they are really good quality, for only 35$ at target ( does it again).
 I bought this on sale for half price off, I think for 17$, very good price. I really like the the burgundy color which is perfect for fall and  it's so cute for everyday in school. Love it! Oh and as you may guess I bought it at Victoria's Secret Pink.

 This is the cutest dress ever...(you will see it in a following blogpost ;)). The left corner is a closer picture of the front of the dress, underneath is its back and the pic at the bottom you can see the lace in detailing. Anyways it was a bit more expensive, for about 48$ from BP. Nordstrom.
Flanels are a must for fall and winter, so many ways to combine! Anyways this is from Nordstrom BP. on sale for only 25$, which is a good price for that brand.

xoxo, Sophia

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My top 10 picks for September

My top picks for September, that I completly love and probably have a affordable price, so that you have some affordable inspiration. That is why the probably will be from my favorite brands and stores.

So yeah, totally in love with this style. But some just yesterday (you will see them in an upcoming blogpost). Anyways these are so great, most people were them without socks but if you want to go all out and you like it you can also wear really cute socks underneath. These are from AE for 60$, which is a bit to expensive for me to be honest.


This may not be usually my style but somehow I really like this dress. It's really flowly and has a admirable v-neck and a really cute print. I think you could combine this with some fun jewerly and shoes and a simple bun, like in the picture and just make it really casual, fun and special. This is from Lush the 'Kendal' Print Surplice Faux Wrap dress, you can find it at nordstrom for 48$.

Yes, everybody has been wearing  these, but yes they are amazing. They can make a simple outfit look cool and they fit with most of your clothing. Very useful, especially for school. When you want to look dressed up and cute but don't want to over do it, don't have the time and you want sth comfortable to walk in. These are very cheap from Forever 21 for 19.80$.

                                 H&M - Cable-knit Sweater

Knit sweaters are a must, they are so useful. They are great for layering with flanel and shirts, but also to just cuddle up in the evenings. So many different ways to combine them and they are really cute. This one is from H&M, right now on sale for 15$ and usually 29.95$.


Did somebody say skinny acid destressed jeans? Yes, please! Here they are paired with a simple striped tee. Totally in love <3 They just make a statement with a simple tee or sweater and they are not to destressed, just to simple holes at the knee. It all seems perfect in till you find out they cost 74$ at Urban Outfitters.

                                        Image 1 of ASOS Mini Cross Body Bag

I really liked this colorblock mini bag, because it included 3 different colors that fit with fall. Also mini bags are really trendy right now. It looks like someone took a vntage bag and redesigned it in a more modern piece. I think this bag is just really trendy, cute and perfect for fall. It's from Asos for 22.85$, which is luckily really affordable.


Yes, I do like the grungy kind of style. It may not be in my hole closet, but hopefully included. So this mini plaid skirt with zippers is really easy to combine, just with some black booties and a simple color shirt like grey, white or black. Love, love, love ! This is sadly 70$ from Topshop.

And once in a while, we can go back to graphic tees like this one. Its really simple just pair it with a knit cardigan, jeans and sneakers/ booties and you will be ready to go to school. Just think it's a simple cute piece for your closet. It's from dEliA*s for 24.90$.

                    Pleated Strappy Tank   Pleated Strappy Tank

This is totally me, a pleated strappy top with really flowly top, for some people it may not be to usefull in September. But if you combine it with a really cute knit cardigan, it will look like you took a lot of time on your outfit, when you didn't. It's from the Kendall and Kylie collection for Pacsun for 29.95$.


This is really cute and obviously from the Bethany Mota collection for Aeropostale for 12$. It is easy to combine with almost any simple outfit and just a really adorable accessorie.

Hope you liked this:)

xoxo, Sophia

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to: decorate for Fall and Halloween

Do you always see those cheesy ugly Fall/ Halloween decorations? That might seem a bit tasteless. But you still want to decorate your house or apartment. So if you have the money you should definetly check out William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and other similar stores. Here are some of the decorations in my house. But if you are a student in college or highschool or just have a limited budget for decorations you should check out my soon comng blogpost about diys for halloween/fall deco.

 Here are 2 snapshots of fall in GA.


I love this cute little plate with owls.
 And here are a few cute Halloween/ Fall decorations that I really like. You can get some inspiration from this :)

Pumpkins are a must for fall, real and fake.

Cute and modern halloween candle holders.

These 2 little pumpkin decorations in flower pots are so adorable.

To get in the fall mood, a nice fall decoration on the door is always pretty, especially because it also decorate the house from the outside.

xoxo, Sophia

Monday, September 15, 2014

Roadtrip: Alabama

So this weeekend, I went with my friends family to their house in Alabama. I was so excited to take a short roadtrip. It was amazing, 3 days in nature, great weather and lots of fun activities. I found my passion for doing puzzles, riding on fourwheelers and simply hanging around and not spending much time in front of screens. Every night though, we would cuddle up and watch a movie, get a good night sleep and wake up to the beauty of fresh fruit and pastries.

Here are some pictures of the house I was staying in: There were many different chalendiers and beautiful white stuc, nice front porch.

The nature there was great, on the last morning it was really foggy as you may see on some of these pictures. The house was in a street with a few other houses behind a few hills and mountains.

The right view off the balcon of the house.

The front view of the balcon.

There was a really cute spider web at the balcon, you can also see the entrance in the house.

Just a beautiful sky view.
They had a cute little barn next to their house  was so peaceful and adorable.
There was a pond in the backyard of their house, that was surronded by trees.

We found a praying mantis in a fig tree in their backyard.

Here are some picture of the different things I did and they were all pretty fun, you should definetly try these things out, more fun than they may seem.


Painting pots

Picking figs and eating them, they are really delicous and sweet. They have a few fig trees in their backyard, sadly the good figs were high up in the trees and we needed a ladder to get them.

I went four wheeling, it was really fun and exciting: drivng through hills and bumpes really fast.

Even though it is mid september, it was still warm enough to enjoy my last swim for this fall.

Just sitting on a roof and enjoying a coke with friends and talking while watching the sun set, was pretty amazing. Definetly worth the calories of a coke, just kidding...haha.

And last but not least, here is their cat that is not the most normal cat. He loves to jump and climb, is quite aggresive, but he can look very cute if he isnt attacking somebody.

He jumped up from the kitchen top counter to the top of the kitchen cabinet twice, staying there for more than 2 hours, he loves it up there nice and private.

He looks very cute laying their so peacefull, but once he trys to bit you not as much anymore.