Monday, August 25, 2014

Inventing the stripped tee new...

Striped tees are just classic, everybody should have one in their closet. Now a striped tee can seem boring, but if you can combine them right you can create a really fun and flirty outfit. Their are so many unexpected ways so combine a stripped tshirts with almost anything.

You can take a boring and simple tee and mix it up all cool and edgy, with a leather jacket and some booties. Go all black and white and real simple, it would look real fantastic. Try something new,  you can discover many different ways to combine a striped tee really edgy and cool.

Never thought of tshirt crop tee? The are perfect ways to combine with colorful pants or skirt, it can simplify the outfit. Fun and flirty, is definetly a way to go to with a striped tee. Don't know how to combine your metallic pants? Try a striped tee! What about wearing an tee with sweatpants and combine it all sporty...Invent something new, be creativ!

I totally love this outfit, it look simple but chic, sporty but dressed up. These leather looking oversized slouchy pants, perfectly combined with a big striped shirt tied together and some heels and a clutch to dress up. Something new and not so common...fallen in love <3.

Never thought of combining stripes? As a said...expirement and try new things out. This outfit look so modern, simple, classic and chic. A simple striped tee, combined with a simple striped coat and suddenly we have this amazing outfit.

All I am stating is that sometimes less is more and there are so many different ways. You just  have to experiment and try new things out. Maybe you will discover a new trend...who knows?

Xoxo, Sophia

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