Sunday, August 24, 2014

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I always find myself adoring many different types of styles and I can never decide which type of style is mine. It will probably take many years untill I have really completly found my style. So I am introducing many of my favorite styles, that I think I am tending to. Does anyone feel the same way? Like everybody knows what their own person style is and I am the only one not sure about it.

1. Urban Style


I am totally inlove with this style, because it is so casual, edgy and it really gives off a laid-back city vibe, defenitly think that I am tending this way. The sunglasses and beanies, the ripped jeans and simple colors really gives off a urban vibe.

2. California Style

This is a style that can be really daring, with crop tops and highwaisted shorts. The wavy hair and summer prints are really fun, young and innovative. Like always I'm just not sure if I would dare that kind of style, I guess I am to scared of what other people think. Other people can pull it off and if I do it right, I can probably do to.

3. Hippie take on Black/White

Completly adored by this style, I don't think it's who I really am. I may throw in one or two of those elements into my wardrobe. This style is completly edgy and outgoing, it can tend to go into a really grungy kind of style. Its a more daring take on the urban style, it doesn't include as many colors and prints.

4. Real Edgy

The flanel, black leather jacket and beanie style has really got me inspired. I wouldn't go full out, but throw in some elements of it would really give an edgy vibe to my outfits. It can really look cheap, if you combine it wrong. But if you take the right twist on it, than it an still look really stylish and simple.

5. Streetstyle

Hope to once conquer this style and really dare to do this. It's really unique and outgoing, I love it. At my age it really doesn't  make sense, still being in school,but when I'm older I really want to get out there and dare. This style has a wide range, you can mix prints, wear socks with can think out of the box and do whatever you want. It really inspires me.

It may take me some years untill I have completly found my personal style, but here are the 5 styles that inspire me daily, that I look foward combining. What do you think would help me find my style? Anyways, hope you enjoyed this blogpost and follow me on bloglovin for more posts like this.

Xoxo, Sophia

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