Saturday, July 19, 2014

Swimsuit for every shape

1. Smallbusted

Draw attention to your bust, I especially like the ruffle that gives you the illusion of a bigger bust. Prints or cutouts work as well.


2. Athletic

If your this type of shape, best for you would probably work something with detailing like ruffle or scallop detailing and a feminine color to give you a more feminin look.


3. Long Torso

Here you want to shorten, best is to avoid vertical stripes. A one piece swimsuit would work best.


4. Petite

You want to lengthen your legs, so a high rise string bikin bottom would work well.


5. Pregnant

Don't hide it ! Make it stand out with a bikini with a cool print.


6.  Curvy

Underwire tops and highwaisted bottoms, which don't show to much.

                                   Vintage High Waisted Swimwear – Getting Started On Making Your Own

Hope this was a good guide and helped you.


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