Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 autumn-winter 2014 trends on fashion week

1. Embellishments

 Embellishments have already been trendy fall and winter 2013. But it has come back, embellishments have  been seen at the fashion week again.

  These outfits from Mary Katrantzou have some large and very detailed embellishment. I personaly love these dresses and I also completly love embellishments and detailing. What about you?

2. Capes and Cloakes

As I first heard of this trend I was pretty confused, I wonderd if a cape would look good and it would actually look fashionable. But I was amazed how well I liked this trend.

This trend was especially seen by Valetino, here he also integrated one of the other top 10 trends. This oversized cloak looks modern, even though the cut is vintage. The colors are very fall oriented. I do like this trend, because it can be woren usually if not to be big and I think its something different than we normally wear

  3. Focus on eye makeup 

A big trend o the autmn - winter 2014 fashio week was definetly to put the focus on the eye makeup. Instead of the lips, which was the last big trend, it is now the eyes.

      As seen here by Kenzo many other designers put the focus on the eyes and kept the rest of the makeup 
    simple,  like Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think this is a great look and really keeps the makeup simple and            it can still be dramatic.

  4. Glitter boots
    Glitter boots apparently are a trend, even though personally I dont like it. It may be okay for fashion week     but no further. Do you like this trend ?

   These were seen by Saint Laurent and they are well fitted and knee high. Atleast they aren't highheels,      because that would have made the look a bit trashy. I guess I like this trend a bit for fashion week.

5. Feather and furr

Feathers and furr is back...I like it, eve though not many people were feathers casually. But I still really like this trend, because I think it really gives me the autmn - winter feeling to a outfit.

  These looks are from Marni, but this trend was also see by Givenchi. I really like how they combined the  feather and furr in the third look, although I at first thought it was to oversized, I disagree now.

6. Patchwork

This trend reminds me of the 90's cause many people used patchwork for holes in clothes. That is why I actually really like it, the desginers used patchwork and the outfits still look modern and updated.

  Valentino used patchwork and a other trend cloakes and capes as you can see here. Philip Lim also    integrated patchwork into his collection. Would you were this ?

7. Quilting

This seemed to me kind of similar to patchwork at first, but I'm not sure why. I think that both trends use thick material. I like this trend, even though I don't think it goes well for a everyday look unless ur high fashion and live in NYC.

I really like how Miu Miu styled this trend it is simple with a edgy cut and very minimalistic and still high fashion. This trend was also seen by Christian Dior. What do you think about this trend ?

8. Universe trend

I am not quite sure about this trend, because it seems to be very unspecific. But I think you could easily incoperate the colors of the universe into a outfit and have the autmn - winter feeling.

Alexander Wang made a very interesting and outrageous universe theme I think. His outfits are really noticeable ad I do like the idea he is creating and he also incoperated the fur trend. Diane von Fursteberg also made look to this trend.

9. Oversized raincoats and miltary jackets 

I think this is one of my favorite trends. I like the look of the oversized jackets and its something you can wear daily even with bad weather. A very stylish and functional trend.

Miu Miu made this trend very quirky and fun with the bright colors, which I totaly like, I would also like this trend in fall and winter colors. These other designers also had this trend: DKNY, Hunter and Balenciaga.

10. Word print

Last but not least I think this trend is great and fun, it has already been seen in last years collections though.
I especially like the fun quotes the designers put on their clothing.

A lot of designers printed their brand all over their clothing, which I suprisingly didn't find boring at all.
Here are some of the designers who had this trend: Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Dior, Alexander Wang, DKNY  and Christian Dior.

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xoxo, Sophia

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