Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2 day trip to ATL: Part 1

So me and my fam decided that a mini trip to Atlanta would be fun. And since a long time, I wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium and it was a great idea for the hole family. This is the largest Aquarium in the world.   I REALLY must say that the 40$ for Adults and 20$ for Children is totally worth it. The huge tanks and different animals and everything you see/experience is so beautiful. I think there are about 140 different species. The dolphin show was really amazing and just GREAT. We saw small fish, big fish, sharks, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, otters, penguins, whales and so much more! Sorry, for my bad pictures (with or without flash) the pictures came out bad behind the acrylic windows.

This is just a general picture of one of the tanks, this one was not to big. But as you can see the variety of fish was just great. 

These were some really cool Jellyfish, they had some they were as big as me.

This is a Spider Crab, I did not get a good pic of them in real. But they move really cool and here you can how they look inside.
This aquarium is the only aquarium with whale sharks. They are the largest Ocean animals and this one is not even outgrown. It is really huge and it always swam at the top of the tank.

This is a really cool looking Jelly Fish, they move in a pretty intresting way and are very very small.

I think the animal in this small tank was hiding or sticking to the window, not sure. Anyways I liked the different plants and rocks here and in other tanks as well.

This is a regular shark and is not outgrown yet. 

I spotted this really cool fish only once. I thought his skin texture was really unique.

Overall I though that it was a great experience. The Aquarium was way to full though and in the end it was extremly tiring to.

xoxo, Sophia

Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Years Resolution

Now that Christmas is over and New Years Eve is only days away and like every year, I have some things. that I would like to improve in my life. Even if I don't keep at those things, trying is worth it. Some of those things though I will definetly keep at and won't give up on them. Happy New Years Eve! 

1. Controlling what I eat and eating healthier 
This mainly means that I really want to focus on obviously making better eating choices, like drinking no soda. Also to limit the amount of sugar that I take in and eat especially more fruit.

2. Getting into shape ( the first two are pretty basic)
This means especially core training and really intensive stretching. I will post a blogpost about my nee fitness routine. 

3. Pretty random but...
I would like to use my reward cards more, like the Starbucks Reward Card.

4. Get A's in ALL of my classes

5. Staying Organized
I really love organizing things, but sometimes when I am just really busy I don't have the motivation to keep my room clean. This just has to work out!

6. Finally complety finish decorating my room

7. Better blog
I would like to post better blogposts and pictures and more often. Hopefully my pageviews goes up a bit this coming year. 

So these are the main things I would like to improve in my life. So what are your resolutions? 

xoxo, Sophia

Friday, December 26, 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

           Hope everyone had a nice Christmas !  My Christmas was good and I am so glad over everything I received and gifted. It is really my favorite time of the year. 

So here are the things that I got for Christmas :)

I really wanted this cute cat pillow from Urban Outfitters, it is so cute and looks just like my cat :)

I also received this faux fur scarf from target that I have been just crazy about the last weeks amd I just was so happy that I finally got it.

I needed a tripod for my new camera and this one was about 30$ and it can be extended to 72 inch, it is good quality and I think I will be very happy with this product.

This is just the simple remote control for my camera/tripod, that I also needed.

My sister gave me this for Christmas and I love Body Shop amd especiallytheir body butters, the scents are not to overwhelming and it is very moisturizing. 

This is the other gift my sis gave me, it is a small bottle, but the scent is fresh and clean.

These were some really cute socks that I received, I totally love them.

I also got a pink Iphone wallet and this really cute bracelet from C Wonder. My Mom found this on sale for 2.50$ instead of 48$. Such an amazing deal and it has an R on it for the Inital of my Middle Name.

This is so cute, because my little 6-year old sister and it is just lovely that she gave me this.

Last but not least, I wanted some simple eye shadow colors and because I cant afford the Naked palletes, i thought this one would be a good alternative. Maybe I could do a tutorial on it or review it in a later blogpost.

Hoped you liked this blogpost and I would be happy over anybody commenting :)

xoxo, Sophia

My playlist for the upcoming year

New Years is only a few days away and everybody wants a fresh start into the new year. So here is my playlist that I have created for 2015. It is a mixture between older and new songs, most alternative and pop.

1. Getting emotional 
Keane, Somewhere only we know

2. Conquering the new year
Imagine Dragons, On top of the world

3. New and Hip
Taylor Swift, Blank Space

4. Exciting, new and fun 
Paramore, Ain't it fun

5. Different but classic
Coldplay, Viva la Vida 

6. Trendy, Creativ 
Sia, Chandelier

7. Fun and true
Charli xcx, Break the rules

8. Innovative but cool
Coldplay, 42

9. Fun in the car
Meghan Trainor, Lips are movin

10. Last but not least
Lorde, Royals

Even if I have heard some of these songs so many times, I stick with them. The new year can also mean new songs, hopefully I will find some new ones that I love, to add yo this Playlist. Can you think of any other songs that you love. Then please Comment :) 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas gift guide

So every year your standing in a store trying to find the perfect gifts and hopefully they are not expensive. So here are some ideas for family, friends or anyone else you might care about. I love shopping for gifts and creating a smile on someones face. And its not always the easiest thing coming up with new ideas and personalizing something.

Victoria Secret is always a good gift for friends, moms and sisters.
I totally love this scent and the body butter. There was a 2 for 25$ sale or 3 for 30$ and it was a really good price.

Great scent and price right now, always look out for sales.
This is for my little sister ( she is 6), books, games, toys and sweets will always work.

This normally costs 20$, but I found it for 50% of. This is so useful for so many things: makeup, little nicknacks...An idea would be to fill it with some small goodies like lipbalm, lotion or candy.

Some good slippers are always cute, useful and warm. This are the cutest every and completly made out of leather, these are on Sale for 20$ at J.Crew.

If you can afford it or find something on Sale, moms always love expensive cute nicknacks like a cardholder or key chain.

This is my moms favorite brand and she is the happiest person when she gets something from Tory Burch. I bet you someone just like her, with a favorite brand.

Scrubs, lotions, butters pretty any body product will be loved by moms, sister and friends.  Prices can range from 5-55$, this one was only 7$ from Ulta.

xoxo, Sophia

Friday, December 12, 2014

My new Camera

I betShopping after Thanksgiving dinner is not right, but I was deseperate and unpatient. I bought the Canon rebel Eos t3i and the 75-300mm lens for 500$ at bestbuy. I have been so happy with my pictures and camera. Here are some of my pictures I took.
I bet I already have about 80 pictures of my cat on my camera, I really love her way to much. 
I really needed on the of the tumblr camera pics.
Christmas pictures are a total must ! 
I just love the way this picture focuses and then just is really blurry. 

Hope you liked this post and I was so busy with schoool, I could not post on my blog :( 

Xoxo, Sophia

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas decorations under 20$

     No money, but you want Christmas decorations.  Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your budget. Hope this helps to inspire you.

I found a 10$ mini tree at Target, lights up the  hole room in a Christmas feeling.
Every year I get a Advent Calender, it only costs like 2-3 dollars.

My mom bought me these Christmas lights and they just perfectly fit to the tree. I had some fabric left from a other DIY and I just cut out a hole and now its a Christmas tree skirt.

The S is something I just had in my room and I thought the medal would fit.

3$ from Target, love it!

I love Nutcrackers and it was only 3$ from Target.

If you have read my About me blogpost, than you know that I come from Germany. My family that still lives there, gave me these decorations. I know they are not modern, nor my style. But they are german and remind me of home.

Have a nice Thanksgiving break!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The world in the eyes of a cat lover

14 years of waiting to get a cat, was definitely worth it. My parents always found some excuse to not get a cat for so many years, until my neighbor founds lost kitten. They searched for the owner, but couldn't find anybody. So finally my mother agreed to take her. I could' believe that after all this time that I would have a cat...So now having her for about 2-3 weeks, I have loved it. Here are so me pictures, she is so cute, unique and perfect for me. I named her Luna, because she is feisty, cute, active, energetic, beautiful and she definetly has her own will.
She loves walking next to the railing, especially because it is dangerous.

I know I shouldn't make her angry, but I had to try it once.
Now she is laying next to the railing, seems only unfortable to me apparently.

She is so beautiful and peaceful when she sleeps.

I always wanna curl up with her, but do not always have time.

She loves sitting on my desk and staring out my window.

She is so active, but I can never get pictures of her, because she is so fast and I can never catch a pic of her.

She is my little daughter and I am her her to much!!!
Does anybody else feek ths way ? Well, let me play with my cat now,,,xoxo, Sophia